WAS appreciates your kind words...what a great week it was!

Words cannot express how proud I am of the teachers, counselors and campers at our Wexford Acting Studio Summer Musical Theatre Camp. I mean REALLY!! What and incredible showcase you put on for friends and family after only 6 days of rehearsal....learning the music and choreography from scratch and then bringing the characters to life. I am bursting with pride and gratitude. Congrats, all of you!!
Jen B.

Miss Sarah,
What an incredible week, and what a wonderful opportunity you provide for the kids! Thank you for all your dedication and hard work. The show was spectacular. We are so grateful and lucky to have Wexford Acting Studio in our lives. Congrats!
Heidi P.

We can't thank you enough for all of the coaching and training, encouragement and mentoring you have given our son.. He said "this was one of my best shows ever" and I couldn't agree more. He has grown so much over the years personally and as an actor and it gives me such pride as a mother to see him up there doing what he's passionate about. My eyes were full of tears as usual. And not just because of how awesome everyone performed, but because you truly get the sense that it wasn't just camp, WAS is a family. I don't know any studio where all of the families would come together and have a meal together before the show. It was just so special for us and we look forward to what is to come in the Fall!
Fondly, Christina V.

What a great showcase tonight, Sarah! My daughter had such a wonderful week and really enjoyed working with the younger kids in her group. So many talented campers and counselors... thanks for this incredible experience!
Lynne J.

Thanks to everyone who made Wexford Acting Camp so much fun! The girls didn't want it to end!
Shernaaz K.

I wanted to say thank you for all of the hard work you and your team put in to make this past week such a wonderful experience for my daughter Chelsea (she continues to sing the songs to herself)! She had a great time, and the show was excellent - pretty amazing what all of those kids could put together in a week! As an art teacher I obviously believe in the importance of creative experiences esp. at a young age, so I hope we can make it happen again next year!
Matt S.

Thanks Miss Sarah - it was my daughter's first "acting" experience and she had a wonderful time at camp and last night. I will echo your statements about the older kids helping the younger ones. My daughter gushed about the older kids and how helpful they were. Thanks again, looking forward to more great experiences!
Sheila D.

My daughter just participated in your summer camp, and she had a blast!
Rhea C.

Miss Jami and the counselors were awesome. I felt my kids were taken care of and in a good environment. The organization of this camp was reassuring for a parent!
Meredith M.